He was a traditional Muslim man who had never met an American. Little girls and boys dress up and pretend to walk down the aisle, or create their own house out of building blocks. Ramadan is intended for people to experience the life of the unfortunate among the world s population that frequently have only a single meal during the day. El Fejr also marks the beginning of the fast. Husbands and wives have equal claims in marriage. We were treated like royalty by someone of little financial means but of an impressive openness and spirit of life. Souks—or markets—are full of the best vegetables, fruits, fish, meats and other goods. Now ruled as a secular state under the regime of Ben Ali, Tunisia seems to be searching for its identity like most post-colonial states.

Business group the CBI believe the UK should stay in the union until it is proven that trade from outside the EU will replace that lost by leaving the bloc. Another sign of social hypocrisy in marriage is that if offered the opportunity to get married, poor girls, unlike rich ones, hasten to accept the proposal for fear that luck might strike once. He immediately said, “I’ll take you there. And I was shocked by the age of the girls who danced the Leumbeul , wearing the Bethio (a small transparent loincloth) and gyrating in all visible directions maghreb dating customs. The dinner will always include couscous with vegetables and meat. If it sounds like Christmas in the United States, guess again. It is a holiday atmosphere and everything is available. The Leumbeul has become so popular in recent times that it is now being danced in nightclubs where contests are often held.

Later in the evening the rhythmic vibrations and sounds of Eastern harem music are felt and heard as a couple not so far away celebrate a marriage. Families start shopping for the Aid after the Ramadan halfway point, and kids start telling everybody their wish list. I am sitting on the stone balcony at the home of my Tunisian hostess feasting on fresh figs, dates and the traditional flat Arabic bread..
. When one’s money talks on the same day, make sure that the same social problem is taking its roots. Marriage in Morocco: Moral Values, Materialism and the Hypocrisy of Society Sidi Ifni –  “Even marriage itself as a noble institution has not escaped social hypocrisy,” I said to myself the other day. ...

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